The White family of Butterflies (Pieridae)

These are the White family of Butterflies that Lorraine and I have spotted so far in either our Garden or the bank at the back of the garden since we began back in late July 2000. Where possible we try to image the different sexes if there is an obvious difference between them. They are presented in the order in which we usually first see them.
Lorraine and I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures - even though they are probably not the best ever taken of Butterflies!

Large White Butterfly  
Pieris brassicae

The Large White Butterfly is, as the name implies, the largest of the purely white butterflies. It is also probably the most despised by gardeners as its larvae wreaks havoc on any brassica crops so larvae or caterpillars found are often destroyed mercilessly. It is a migrant species and often the first sightings are of these migrants coming in from Europe. Food plants include Cabbage and Brussels-sprout, Oil seed rape and in the garden we’ve found it also likes our Valeria. The Large White is widespread across the UK and Ireland and once breeding has begun there are usually two broods with new specimens emerging from April and the second from July.