The ​Nymphalidae family of Butterflies subfamily: ​Nymphalinae/and one subfamily Limenitidinae 

The Nymphalidae family is very large and divided into subfamilies with the Nymphalinae shown on this page. These are the Butterflies that Lorraine and I have spotted so far in either our Garden or the bank at the back of the garden since we began back in late July 2000. Where possible we try to image the different sexes if there is an obvious difference between them.
They are presented in the order in which we usually first see them. 
Lorraine and I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures - even though they are probably not the best ever taken of Butterflies!  

Peacock Butterfly
Inachis io

The Peacock has to be one of the most recognizable butterfly with its distinctive spots. It is widespread throughout England, Wales, Ireland and southern Scotland. It is one of the Butterflies that can hibernate through the winter and as such can often be amongst the first of the butterflies to appear in March or early April however new adults tend to appear from July onwards to September and October depending on how warm the weather remains in those months. It enjoys a wide range of habitats and is often a visitor to garden buddleias although food plants tend to be Willows, Teasels and Thistles. They also like nettle patches for laying their eggs.