The Butterflies of the Algarve region of Portugal

During our past regular holidays in the Algarve staying at COAA (Centre for Observational Astronomy in the Algarve) we kept a look out for what butterflies we could see. In  2002 we spotted 17 different types with at least a couple of other possible's that were only glimpsed briefly! During our 2005 trip we spotted at least 30 different Butterflies with many new ones we had never seen before and in some cases we managed to take better pictures of some of those poorly imaged during our previous visits. In total we have now seen and identified 36 Algarve Butterflies with one not clearly identified but reasonably confident. Our April 2007 visit we saw several of the 'regulars' and added a new one - the Green Hairstreak Butterfly and our finbal viist in 2008 we also spotted a Red Admiral so that now makes around 39 butterflies we’ve seen in the Algarve.

We hope you enjoy viewing them and maybe look out for some or all of them if you visit the Algarve.

Papiliondae Family
(Swallowtail Family)
Swallowtail and Scarce Swallowtail Butterflies spotted.