The ​Nymphalidae family of Butterflies: subfamily Satyrinae 

The Nymphalidae family is very large and divided into subfamilies with the ​Satyrinae shown on this page. This group used to be the family on its own and commonly known as the 'Brown' family until it was identified as a sub family of the Nymphalidae. 
These are the Butterflies that Lorraine and I have spotted so far in either our Garden or the bank at the back of the garden since we began back in late July 2000. Where possible we try to image the different sexes if there is an obvious difference between them.
They are presented in the order in which we usually first see them. 
Lorraine and I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures - even though they are probably not the best ever taken of Butterflies!  

Speckled Wood Butterfly  (North European)
Pararge aegeria tircis

The Speckled Wood Butterfly is widespread in England, Wales and Ireland but has fewer locations in Northern England and Northern and Western Scotland. It seems to prefer woodlands, hedgerows, scrub and generally damp places where there is shade and tall grasses. Like most Browns it prefers Grasses as its food plants. It has two main broods which can overlap so specimens can be seen as early as March and through to September and even October under warm conditions. There are subtle differences between the sexes with the main differences being the spot patterns on the  hind wings upper surfaces and the white markings on the forward wing upper surfaces.