The Blue family of Butterflies ​(Lycaenidae)

These are the Blue family of Butterflies that Lorraine and I have spotted so far in either our Garden or the bank at the back of the garden since we began back in late July 2000. Where possible we try to image the different sexes if there is an obvious difference between them. They are presented in the order in which we usually first see them. Note the Brown Argus and Small Copper have hardly been seen in our garden in recent years. 
Lorraine and I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures - even though they are probably not the best ever taken of Butterflies!  

Holly Blue Butterfly
Celastrina argiolus 

The Holly Blue is usually the first of the blue butterflies to be seen in early spring and is often seen in gardens, hedgerows, field edges and where ever there is  Holly and or Ivy - usually found in churchyards. It is mainly found in England and Wales with a smattering of locations in Ireland. There are often two broods with the first appearing in late March/early April and the second usually late June to early September. The underside is quite silvery blue with simple black dots for markings which once it settles helps in identifying it from other Blue species. The male has a blue upper surfaces whilst the female has dark  patches along the tips of the upper wings. Food plants include Holly and Ivy, Dogwoods, Gorse and Bramble.