The 'Fragility of...' series


Published: The Fragility of Existence.
Recently published: 'The Fragility of Survival'

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Science Fiction was and is in my blood so having successfully written several of the ghost stories I began to formulate several old ideas and a new idea into possible stories. Then out of the blue Amazon did a competition for short novels and as I had almost finished an apolcalyptic style novel I finished it and submitted - which meant publishing it on Amazon as a kindle and POD. That novel was something I considered a one-off novel but although sales haven't 'taken off' it has garnered mainly 5 stars reviews and requests for a sequel.

So the first 'Fragility' novel was 'The Fragility of Existence' and is my take on the classic HG Wells style alien invasion where we are the underdogs and likely to go extinct. In it we follow the desperate attempt of Matt and Simone as they flee the terrorising and ransacking of their small village of Woldsfield as an agressive alien species tears across the globe destroying everything in their path.

The requests for a sequel didn't at first square well with the ending of 'The Fragility of Existence' but recently I was consumed with writing another apocalyptic novel, this time based on our holidays in the Algarve and so 'The Fragility of Survival' has now been published and is a standalone novel. Having almost finished that one, an idea crazily developed from a half remembered dream, took form for a third 'Fragility' novel: The Fragility of Reality' then, an idea for another sci fi story that had been partially developed involving a time slip story is now being included as 'The Fragility of Time' to make it a four book series. Books 3 & 4 are in early stages but the first two books are shown above.