Secrets of Grasceby Manor

The second of the James Hansone Ghost Mysteries

Renovations at Graseby Manor
  A mysterious upper class gentleman in Grasceby Churchyard 
A ghostly boy 
A servant called Annie 
A 150 year old conspiracy 

James Hansone thought he was done with ghosts. 
Until he met Lord Silverwright… 
Grasceby Manor stands in several acres of old landscaped gardens and had been the jewel of the village. But now it desperately needs renovation, prompting Lord Grasceby to hire a local firm to renovate the property in readiness of the opening of parts of it to the public. But as work commences,  strange sightings of a boy and a servant girl begin to occur to the workmen and James finds himself increasingly drawn into trying to discover : The identity of the boy. The connection to the ghostly servant. Whether he can find out who or what caused their deaths. 
And why a cat seems determined to trip him up! 

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