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Since the completion of the first novel ‘A Ghostly Diversion’, the Astrospace Fiction side of Paul’s life has blossomed with nine novels (and one omnibus) published by the time of this update (November 2023).  
All books are available as Kindle and Kindle POD (Print On Demand).
The James Hansone Ghost Mysteries’ (JHGM link in menu) comprises of: ‘A Ghostly Diversion’, ‘Secrets of Grasceby Manor’, ‘Return to De Grasceby Manor (and the Search for Helen)’ and  ‘James and the Air of Tragedy’ with book 5: 'The Haunting of Grasceby Rectory (and the Devon Mystery)' now available and book 6: 'Spectre of the Grasceby Flier', the first full draft is now complete ready to be worked on further to refine it.

There will also now be a shorter book of short stories available soon where James and Sally host a New Years Eve party and their guests have to tell a short story. 'The James Hansone New Years Tales' - final proof reading remains before it is finished and newsletter subscribers (see below) will get first chance to get it when available.

Along with the Ghost Mysteries, a series of Sci Fi novels are under development with two published so far (as of June2022) ‘The Fragility of Existence’, a short apocalyptic novel and 'The Last Voyage of the StarVista 4' . ‘The Fragility of Existence’ is now book 1 of the 'Fragility' series with 'Fragility of Survival' is now published and two more are in the planning stage: 'Fragility of Reality' and 'Fragility of Time'.

The first full blown science fiction series involves the ‘StarVista 4’ Saga and is a trilogy set in Paul’s fictional universe of the ‘Galactic Arm Association (GAA). The trilogy consists of:
'The Last Voyage of the StarVista 4 ' (now published, November 2021)
'The Fate of the StarVista 4' - Just published November 2023
'The Legacy of the StarVista 4' (rough outline)

'This New Horizon' is a novel almost complete that has tentative links with the GAA universe and will itself have at least two sequels - more details to follow in due course.

Several other books are also in development that may or may not be part of the GAA universe and their details will be added in due course.
Paul hopes you find the novels interesting and enjoyable!

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