Welcome to the Butterfly pages of Paul and Lorraine Money

Sightings, pages, species and images of our fluttery friends

Photograph: Paul Money/Astrospace

       It was during  an enforced spell of rest due to back trouble that I (Paul) spent more time sitting & walking and exercising about our garden during late Summer 2000. It was then that we began to notice how many different Butterflies there seemed to be. Not being gardeners as such, it seems lucky that by accident, what flowers we had, appeared to be good for our fluttery friends and so we began to count the number of different types that were visiting us and I began to photograph them. Here then is our listing of the Butterflies we have seen and identified so far, along with photographs of  nearly all of them. I am endeavouring to photograph all the different Butterflies that visit either our Garden or the shrub filled bank (called a 'Bund') behind it which shields us from an industrial estate. As time progresses we shall also add a page on Butterflies that haven't visited our garden/bank but are found in the UK and seen by us whilst on our various holidays.

       We can now say 23 confirmed species of Butterflies (not counting the different sexes) seen in either our garden or the bund (bank) at the back since we started watching them in 2000. Looks like we must be doing something right without even trying!! We wonder what other Butterflies might venture into the garden during the coming months & years... 

       Our ‘Summer’ hobby also played a part in our enjoyable trips to COAA in the Algarve so check out our page on the Algarve Butterflies we saw - some of which were new to us and some which were 'old' friends!

The Photography

All pictures of the Butterflies are copyright Paul and Lorraine Money. Early pictures were taken using an Olympus OM1 and a Pentax P30 SLR with either a 50 mm F1.8 lens, a 135 mm F2.8 lens or with a 500 mm F8 lens and either 100 or 200 ISO slide film. The slides, negatives and prints were subsequently scanned and resized ready for placing on the web site. Pictures taken since 2003 are taken using Digital cameras such as a Minolta DiMage Z1 and a Canon 300D DSLR whilst pictures taken from 2009 are usually with the Canon 50D often with a 70-300 zoom lens and the 2015 images were often taken with a Canon 100-400 lens. A lot of the 2012 images have actually been taken using an iPhone 4! Indeed since then a lot of the images have been taken with various iPhones and the quality has been impressive.
 Lorraine and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures - even though they are probably not the best ever taken of Butterflies! If you are an expert on Butterflies and any of the pictures show a different Butterfly than we have labelled it then do please email us with the details. Similarly if you come across any web sites on Butterflies that are not already listed here then let us have the URL and we will link from here to the sites.