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I have two basic sessions' for Schools that can be done in either a morning or afternoon.

Each session is approximately 1 hour long.

If you wish to have me all day then 2 more sessions can be added to make the

day even more interesting.

Some Schools like to add talks from my general public talks list as extra sessions so do enquire if you wish to have something more specific from the Clubs and Societies list.

As a rule I will only cover Lincolnshire for the following prices but if you are further afield then contact me for the extra costs of travelling.

Prices for anywhere in Lincolnshire:

Mornings or Afternoons £100

All day sessions are £160 (save £40 on the combined above sessions!)

Please note that for the extremes of the County there is an extra £10 for

travelling expenses.

Please email me for the costs if bookings for outside Lincolnshire

What's included in either the Morning or Afternoon (each session lasts approximately 1 hour):


What it covers

The Earth and the Sun

This session takes a look at Day and Night, Seasons, the tilt of the Earth, the Phases of the Moon and Lunar and Solar Eclipses and is a practical session using the full size of the classroom (better yet the school hall!).

A Whirlwind tour of our Solar System

In this session we use software to take a fun virtual tour around the main objects that make up our Solar System.

Passport not required!