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Paul’s initial attempts at novel writing always involved science fiction as he grew up loving Star Trek (TOS), Thunderbirds, indeed most of the Gerry Anderson series, Lost in Space and many more. So early efforts were sci fi stories but always started and never finished. Then Astronomy and Space the serious stuff took over after he joined Boston Astronomical Association (later to be known as Boston Astronomers, sadly now no longer active). However once ‘A Ghostly Diversion was well underway and thoughts of a sequel begun, the ideas began to flow again for several Sci Fi based novels. One was completed and is on hold so details of that one and its already begun sequel, will be put up once other projects have been completed, see below for the GAA series of novels set in that universe.

However as there was a competition by Amazon launched in December 2018 for a short novel which had to be published by early Feb 2019, it seemed logical to bring forward an already competed short novel ‘The Fragility of Existence’. This has now been published as a Kindle and print on demand. Sadly I didn’t hear back about the competition…

The Fragility of Existence

The extermination of our species was probably inevitable when you look back with hindsight.

Every advanced civilisation has almost always wiped out the resident less advanced occupants whenever they came into contact.

So it was the same for us, Homo Sapiens.

    But it wasn't supposed to have happened.

        We were not to know that though.

        Perhaps that is a good thing.

          For the Universe…

Matt and Simone stared out at the devastation and knew it could only mean one thing… Humanity was about to become extinct. Could they escape the fate they had seen befall others in their small village of ‘Woldsfield’?

They were not going to wait around to find out…

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Upcoming novels set in the GAA Universe

The GAA Universe is the fictional Galactic Arm Association (GAA) universe with three novels currently being written:

The Voyage of the StarVista 4

The Fate of the StarVista 4

The Legacy of the StarVista 4

To best understand the GAA here is a quote from GAA Council Leader Alaacin derBirincin, Alteran Prima Civ in the earth year 2028 (~ a century before Earth, or Terra as it is known in the GAA, is allowed to join the GAA).

The following is roughly translated from High Alteran into English so please forgive any occasional mistranslations. (Credit: Triadine Talso the 5th, Transcriber of official documents and historical archivist on Alteran).

 “8,496 years ago, the first GAA council was convened. This does not count the previous eight hundred years as the founding civilisations each advanced to the point of interstellar travel then discovered each other, often with terrible consequences. Those years were a cauldron of distrust and hate with wars between several of the primary civilisations that almost wiped out our ancestors.

It took a lot of courage from individuals and groups who aspired to greater values and vision and finally, two hundred years, before the founding of the Galactic Collective which would eventually evolve into today’s Galactic Arm Association. The peace and stability that the GAA would bring was founded on the principle that all intelligent species recognise they have a deep and serious responsibility to their own kind and to the planetary systems under their control. That is, to ensure science and education is provided for all and that superstition and any form of a belief in a higher deity was consigned to the history books. No civilisation could be accepted into the GAA unless they had evolved to that point and not been destroyed by the development of technology overtaking the often-slower development of a species intellect. It was, and still is, a requirement that understanding that acceptance of other species right to exist, and the care of the habitable worlds on which they developed, are a sign of a stable and responsible species.

Therefore, a system was established that as new spacefaring or underdeveloped civilisations emerged or were discovered, they would be quarantined and closely monitored for signs of the above fundamental standards. If and when they reached the required state then they would be approached in a carefully controlled manor.

To date, the GAA has 297 civilisations incorporating 416 sentient species who have wholeheartedly taken on board the GAA values and practises. It should be noted that fifty-eight other potential civilisations over the 8,496 years of the GAA’s history chose not to join and so accepted isolation having chosen not to take on the values of the GAA. Of those, 38 failed due to self destruction, twelve remain in a primitive state and eighteen may now be close to becoming members. We cannot help everyone if they do not wish to advance themselves or look after their own kind, but those eighteen show that given time, they can evolve to a better understanding of why we are so stringent on requirements of membership.”

Book 1

The Voyage of the StarVista 4

The (Earth) year is 2204 and in the first book we follow the adventures of young Cherice Richmond, the youngest person allowed to undertake an eight month star cruise on board the luxury star cruiser StarVista 4, with her parents, Carl and Natalie, the honourable newly appointed Earth Ambassadors to the Ziancan homeworld. Little do they know that the voyage is heading into danger.

A Voyage of a lifetime.  

2700 passengers and crew.

The diary of an eight year old passenger.   

Stunning encounters with fabulous interstellar destinations.   

The mysterious multi inclined rings of the gas giant planet Tianca in the hardly explored Cantrara system.  

A mystery in the making…

Book 2

The Fate of the StarVista 4

Young Andrew James Hansone grows up with an obsession about finding the lost star passenger cruiser ‘StarVista 4’ after watching a docudrama about the fate of the ship. After becoming a reluctant trillionaire designing and building starships he joins the crew of the ExSSV Erebus to solve the mystery once and for all. But with past history between himself and Captain Eric Andersohn and an obsessed chief engineer stalking him, little does he realise how dangerous a mission it is.


Book 3

The Legacy of the StarVista 4

Details of the third book will be added once the first two books are published.

Other Sci Fi novels are planned and is some cases part or wholly written but at this stage will be held back before committing to publication. Details will be added at a  later date.


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