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Pt1: January to June

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 Note as a bonus, despite being half the year, instead of an expected 37 pages (half of a normal Nightscenes) there are 50 pages inc covers so even better value for money!

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Since 2000 I (Paul) have written & published my own A5 (small) book on what can be seen in the night sky each month for Great Britain and Ireland. It is written in a plain, understandable style so that if you can understand the following ‘look up on such a date at such a time and you will see’ then you will be able to find, see and enjoy the events described in the book.

Previous editions have had 48 pages including laminated covers and a spine. Since 2016 this was expanded to 72 pages plus covers with the monthly pages doubled from 2 to 4 with each month done as a 4 page fold out, 3 pages devoted to solar system events and a page to the deeper sky! (Only in the printed edition). The font size was also increased slightly to aid readability and with the expanded format more charts are included. For the 2020 edition the dedicated occultation pages were dropped but the sky notes for December of the previous year were included for those who always buy NightScenes early. Therefore the monthly notes now run from December to December. Also new is a page dedicated to the Moon.

NOTE that due to poor sales due to the COVID lockdown the 2021 edition will not be available as a printed book but only as pdf or kindle. It will be produced in 2 parts each part covering 6 months.

Each month has an all sky chart set for 10pm local time (11pm during BST) with information on what planets are visible, any special events such as Meteor showers or Eclipses. NightScenes also occasionally has photographs that Paul has taken of the night sky as well as extra diagrams for special events to look out for such as conjunctions of the Moon & planets which are of particular interest. Some charts are prepared using the excellent 'Guide v9' by Project Pluto and most with Stellarium software and their permission is gratefully acknowledged. The booklet is in full colour and is normally professionally printed by Cupit Print based in Horncastle.  

This is how the monthly layout looks when folded out in the normal printed edition:

Above: Left, Paul showing off the fold out monthly pages. Right, with Melissa and Andrew of Cupit Print who do a fantastic job with the printed edition of Nightscenes!

Example pages from the 2020 edition:

See below for some of the comments/ reviews people have said about previous NightScenes editions.


This is what authoress Jilly Cooper has to say about earlier Nightscenes editions:

     “I love Nightscenes and I find it invaluable.  I'm not a great sleeper so very often I wake up about four or five and wander off to the loo and suddenly out of the window there is Venus or Jupiter or some other gorgeous planet and if I don't know what it is I rush off and check it up in Nightscenes and it has hugely enhanced my pleasure at looking at the stars.  It's a dear book and very interesting because it caters for both ignoramuses like me and the experts,  who can rush off and look at clusters through their telescopes.  So many congratulations”.

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