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A bit of history

Since schooldays, I (Paul) enjoyed trying to write stories but could never finish them off before losing interest or having other things capture my attention, aka, girls and Astronomy.

This all changed back in 1999 when instead of writing a novel, the Nightscenes annual yearbook of things to look out for in the night sky was first created, initially for my WEA classes.

A brief mention of it when I was on BBC Radio Lincolnshire meant that I discovered there was a demand for the book and so the first two editions were self printed (gave my printer a rough time I can tell you!). It was at the suggestion of a friend that I approach the local printers, Cupit Print about printing the book professionally which made the 2002 book far more attractive and commercial. A suggestion came from several friends at BBC Radio Lincolnshire who thought Nightscenes should be available nationwide so I also approached what was Ottakers book store in Lincoln High Street.

That led to my wonderful wife Lorraine contacting up to 50 Ottakers stores across the country and eventually Nightscenes did indeed become nationwide. Ottakers also suggested I become an official publisher so that ISBN’s could be allocated giving each book a proper way of being sold across the nation and so the Astrospace Publications Imprint was born on January 10th 2002. At that stage I was allocated 10 ISBN’s and thought I’d probably not use them all.

When Ottakers was taken over by Waterstones Books I expected the worst as Waterstones had been approached but were not interested, until that is they took over Ottakers and noticed the sales of Nightscenes.

I received a call asking about the book and they were prepared to take it on but I had to have an official distributor and they liaised with me to be set up with Gardners Distributors and since then they have been the official source of copies of any of my books for other Book stores around the UK and Ireland.

Along with the yearbook, Nightscenes Companion was published in 2006 (now out of print) then, in 2012, Nightscenes: Guide to Simple Astrophotography was published adding to the portfolio.

However the urge to write stories was never lost, just sidelined, and in 2004 a ghost story began to take form after I had to take a diversion along the back roads of central Lincolnshire one day. Although it took another ten years or so to complete then a couple of years to tinker before something amazing occurred, I had finally managed to write a full story to the ending!  With encouragement from friends in the book industry, it was initially going to be an e-book but in the end there is nothing like holding a real book in the hands and leafing through its pages in anticipation of where the story is taking you.

So ‘A Ghostly Diversion’ was published but now having the confidence and knowing I can actually finish writing a story, its sequel ‘Secrets of Grasceby Manor’ followed in 2017 and a third book in the series ‘Return to De Grasceby Manor’ is almost ready for publication in Autumn/winter 2018/19 and will be a Kindle and POD (Print on Demand) via Amazon. The ‘James Hansone Ghost Mysteries’ is now the overall series title and will entail six novels.

Along the way a Sci Fi story, ‘The Fate of StarVista 4’ is nearing completion and will be a Kindle and POD (Print on Demand) via Amazon expected  to be completed this winter/spring 2019.

So take a look at the titles available from Astrospace Publications and I hope you enjoy what you find.

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