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There are now seven Astrospace Publications titles available, some via this web site and others published via Amazon Kindle.

Originally just the NightScenes yearbook was available and is now into its 20th edition, not bad for something that started life as a simple book for a few students and was expected to be a one off!

NightScenes Companion is now only available as a Kindle Print Replica and covers the basics of how to get the best out of Nightscenes and understand why celestial events happen.

NightScenes: Guide to Simple Astrophotography covers the basics of how to use a camera, tripod and timer  to capture basic images of the night sky, moon and many aspects of the night sky without using a telescope.

Astrospace Publications also covers the novels Paul has been working on for many years. These include what has now become the ‘James Hansone Ghost Mysteries’ comprising so far a trilogy:

‘A Ghostly Diversion’,

‘Secrets of Grasceby Manor’ and the latest,

‘Return to De Grasceby Manor and the Search for Helen’.

A further three books are planned with book 4, ‘James and the Air of Tragedy’ provisionally scheduled for late 2019 or early 2020.

A series of Sci Fi novels are also planned and the first short standalone novel: ‘The Fragility of Existence’ was published on January 21st 2019.

Work is also ongoing with a Sci Fi series set in a fictional Galactic Arm Association (GAA) universe with three novels:

The Voyage of the StarVista 4

The Fate of the StarVista 4

The Legacy of the StarVista 4

The first book could be published towards the end of 2019.

Other Sci Fi novels are in provisional planning stages as Paul has had many ideas over the years and is now putting them together.

Meanwhile, NightScenes will continue to be published and NightScenes 2020 is expected to be published in October 2019.

More details of the currently published books can be found from the links at the top of this section.


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