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The James Hansone Ghost Mysteries

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As Paul’s first full novel, ‘A Ghostly Diversion’, neared completion, ideas began to develop for another mystery for the main character James Hansone to become entangled in. As this second novel began to take shape it became apparent that, as other ideas also sprang forth, the novels could become a series and so they became the ‘James Hansone Ghost Mysteries’. Winter 2021 will see the publication of the fifth in the series!

So let us set the scene. It all begins in ‘A Ghostly Diversion’ when James Hansone, an IT specialist recently moved up from the outskirts of London to a new life in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, takes an impromptu diversion to try to avoid roadworks.  In doing so he unwittingly follows a metallic Blue Mercedes whose driver clearly likes fast driving. In following the Merc, James drives past a deserted, run down cottage just past the outskirts of the (fictional) village of Grasceby and feels a sharp chill. Unbeknownst to him at the time, the cottage holds a fifty year old mystery of a young girl who went missing and has never been found. He begins to see her ghost and so James Hansone, a sceptic of the paranormal, becomes embroiled in discovering who the young girl is and along the way his life is changed forever as his adventures as an unwitting ghost hunter begin.

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Book 1: A Ghostly Diversion

An on going set of roadworks.

A dark metallic blue Mercedes.

An planned diversion.

A run down cottage.

A young girls face at a broken window.

A fifty year old mystery.

James faces all the above and much more, all because of a diversion to avoid roadworks one morning. A relative newcomer to the rural county of Lincolnshire, he likes his job, his new home and loves his wife Helen. He is also a sceptic of all things paranormal.

Until the day of the diversion…

‘Wolds View’ cottage holds a mystery about a young girl who disappeared fifty years earlier. A missing persons case that’s stalled and long forgotten.

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Book 2: Secrets of Grasceby Manor

Renovations at Graseby Manor

A mysterious upper class gentleman in Grasceby Churchyard

A ghostly boy

A servant called Annie

A 150 year old conspiracy

James Hansone thought he was done with ghosts.

Until he met Lord Silverwright…

Grasceby Manor stands in several acres of old landscaped gardens and had been the jewel of the village. But now it desperately needs renovation, prompting Lord Grasceby to hire a local firm to renovate the property in readiness of the opening of parts of it to the public. But as work commences,  strange sightings of a boy and a servant girl begin to occur to the workmen and James finds himself increasingly drawn into trying to discover :

The identity of the boy.

The connection to the ghostly servant.

Whether he can find out who or what caused their deaths.

And why a cat seems determined to trip him up!

Paperback: £7.99 + P&P*  (UK/Ireland orders)  

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Also available as a Kindle and Print on Demand on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon worldwide.

Book 3: Return to De Grasceby Manor and the Search for Helen

The Ghost of his ex wife

A Mysterious stag

The discovery of more extensive remains of the original De Grasceby Manor

Sightings of aristocratic ghosts by the archaeological team

The ghost of a little girl running frantically through the grounds

A three hundred year old mystery

With the shock of seeing his ex's ghost, James embarks on a quest to discover what happened to her. In the meantime, at the archaeological excavations at the site of the original lost De Grasceby Manor, ghostly goings on spook the team.

James returns to help investigate what really happened 300 years ago at the first De Grasceby Manor.

Paperback: £7.99 + P&P*  (UK/Ireland orders)  

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Also available as a Kindle Print on demand and a Kindle on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon worldwide.

Book 4: James and the Air of Tragedy

Now available for Kindle and Kindle POD

A ghostly WW II airman

   The old RAF Grasceby airbase

      A chair that won’t behave itself

A terrible wartime injustice

     The trip of a lifetime…

          A new mystery at Wolds View Cottage

 James and Sally finish renovating Wolds View Cottage only to discover there was more to the cottage than at first met the eye.

They embark on uncovering the truth about the ghostly airman and why Jenny’s ghost won’t return to the cottage.

 Along the way they take on a new member of the family and James faces his most difficult challenge yet…

…Looking after Scruff!

Available as a Kindle Print on demand and a Kindle on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon worldwide.

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