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I (that is Paul), have always enjoyed making the usual plastic model kits when I was young :-)

Having got rid of most of my childhood models {I was told I was too old for them :-(   } I have found that space models, and especially those of real spacecraft can be quite hard to find if you want to create displays or use them in talks. Over the last few years however I have begun to grow a collection of models and as they are built I will photograph them and put the images here when I have the web space for them. I'm not the best modeller but I do try to make the things as authentic as possible so I look on the web and in books/magazines to find real pictures of them to help me get it right. The following Model sites I have found recently on the net and if you have a similar interest then they may help you locate that hard to find Saturn 1B etc.
Note that NONE of these models are for sale - Sorry- I had a job finding some of them in the first place!!

Kennedy Space Centre Models
Real Space Models (US
Magellan (UK)
Ninfinger Productions (US)
 Airfix Kits (note currently no space models on their catalogue)
 Revell Kits
 Heller (France)
NEW WARE Space Kits (Czech Republic)
Space in Miniature (US)
Nick Proach Models (Canada)
Hobbyspace links
AniGrand Craftswork
EVA Models
Fantastic Plastic
Up Ship
Into other types of Models (trains, aircraft, etc) then you must check the resources on Scale

Models so far completed:

Model name and description Scale (1/1 = life size) Model manufacturer
Jupiter C - America's first succesful Satellite launcher 1/48  Glencoe Models
Explorer 1 - America's first satellite launched by the above rocket 1/6 Glencoe Models
Space Shuttle Discovery with Boosters and Launch platform 1/144 Revell
Space Shuttle Discovery and 747 Transporter 1/288 Academy
Vostok 1 Capsule approx 1/30 Russian?
Vostok R7 Rocket - Russia's first (and still in use) Rocket Launcher 1/144 Airfix
Apollo Saturn 1B - representing Apollo 7 1/144 Airfix

Models currently under construction or awaiting to be finished (when time allows!):

Model name and what it represents Scale (1/1 = life size) Model manufacturer
Hubble Space Telescope approx 1/70 Skilcraft
Space Shuttle Orbiter 1/72 Revell
Mercury Capsule, Atlas Booster and Launch Site 1/110 Monogram
Ariane IV and Launch Tower 1/125 Bobcat
Ariane IV Rocket 1/125 Bobcat
Apollo Saturn V 1/144 Airfix
Ariane V 1/48 Revell

Models currently waiting to be started:

Model name and what it represents Scale (1/1 = life size) Model manufacturer
Apollo Lunar Module 1/72 Airfix
Apollo Lunar Module (Ascent stage only - part kit) 1/72 Airfix
Apollo Command/Service and Lunar Module 1/48 Revell
Apollo Lunar Rover 1/48 Marco's Miniatures
Mir Space Station

I think I have my work cut out! I also wonder if a bigger house is called for... :-)

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