Being a Coeliac means you are intolerant to wheat products, barley, oats etc; so that's cakes, cream cakes, pastries etc out the window!  However, I was never a fan of cream cakes so that was no problem.

I have been dairy intolerant now for a number of years, and have found my sinusitis has improved considerably, and also cattarah, and a rattly cough. I had started on my road to becoming how I was before .......

How I got diagnosed:
However, there was still problems, with considerable bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, back pain, etc.  I had been around 6 stone when I was in hospital in 1998 (see EDS page), I had informed them I was a Coeliac, and also dairy intolerant, but this was not listened to, so they tried to feed me normal food.  When Paul went and got food from the healthshop for me, they (staff) would give me the bread raw in sandwiches (it was the type that had to be toasted),  and Paul said I used to throw it across the room ....  Paul would feed me special biscuits, which I would devour, since I was so hungry.  But there was still times that I withdrew so much into myself that I would not eat.  The panic/anxiety attacks were at their worst over this time.

Anyway ... late in 2000, I had gained weight and was now 8 stone (yippee says Paul - more 'meat' for him to cuddle!!!), mainly by drinking Fortisip, a special drink full of many nutrients .... but I was still getting excessive bloating, severe stomach cramps, so painful, that I was often doubled up and hyperventilating.  My doctor said 'Lets try you on some Gluten-Free (GF) Bread and Biscuits'.  I duly did this, and found a terrific response, for the first time, I could eat and not have to run to the toilet.  I was able to eat a (GF) Bourbon Biscuit for the first time in over 20 years.  Then I tried other GF/Dairy Free (DF) products, pizza mixes, sponge mixes, such a blessing, to eat normally again.  However, one major drawback the price of these things, a bread mix would cost on average £8, pre-packed GF/DF bread around £10 for an average sized loaf.  I could not get my food by prescription as my Coeliac Disease had not been diagnosed by a professional in the field, and I didn't want to go backwards for 6 months so that some professional could satisfy him/herself that I was a Coeliac, as once you've started you're on it for life.

Paul and I have bought a bread-maker, this will help with my bread making, and cut down considerably on costs.  It has been an absolute godsend ... the smell of freshly made bread is lovely.

I have always loved cooking, so now its re-learning how to cook, but its amazing what you can cook, and not make things bland, in the summer, you can have a lovely salad, some days a quite appetising stir-fry.  You just have to experiment really.

The Coeliac Society has a web page and is updated regularly, there is also a noticeboard where fellow Coeliacs can put their points across.  The Coeliac Society publish lots of literature on the disorder, as well as a directory which has foods which are suitable for us ... every month is published a deletion/addition sheet, so we can amend the directory,

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