Over 24 years experience giving talks to Schools and 30 years giving talks to Astronomical Societies!
These talks are available to any group within Lincolnshire, the UK and Ireland depending upon distance/travelling conditions etc. Schools, Colleges, & Societies are particularly encouraged to book for an interesting exploration of our Universe in all its splendour. 
If you wish to write/phone me regarding a booking then do so using the following:

18 College Park,

Tel. 01507 524037 (10am - 5pm) Monday to Friday (answer phone always on - please leave a message and contact details)


Schools - take a look at the programme I have for your Astronomy and Space needs.

I have two basic 'sessions' for the Schools that can be done in either a morning or afternoon.
Each 'session' is approximately 1 hour long.
If you wish to have me all day then 2 more sessions can be added to make the day even more interesting.
As a rule I will only cover Lincolnshire for the following prices but if you are further afield then contact me for the extra costs of travelling.

Prices for anywhere in Lincolnshire:
Please note that for the extremes of the County there is an extra 10 for travelling expenses.
Please email me for the costs if bookings for outside Lincolnshire

Mornings or Afternoons 60
All day sessions are 100 (save 20 on the combined above sessions!)

What's included in either the Morning or Afternoon (each session lasts approx 1 hour):

Session 1: The Earth and the Sun

 -This session takes a look at Day and Night, Seasons, the tilt of the Earth, the Phases of the Moon and Lunar and Solar Eclipses and is a practical session using the full size of the classroom (better yet the school hall!).

Session 2: Wonders of our Solar System

A tour through the most fascinating places in our Solar System

Not for profit groups
Astronomical and Non Astro Societies, Clubs, Groups, WI's, Scouts/Guides etc.

In fact - any group that will have me :-)

The cost of the talks is dependant upon the distance travelled and the time spent away from home thus contact me with the details of where you are and I can then give you a quote. As a GUIDE ONLY  I estimate that the average cost for Societies is about 40p per mile with a minimum charge of 60
Note that payment should be cash and that if it is to be a cheque or I have to wait for payment then the cost of the talk is 10 more than normal to cover for the inconvenience.
Distance is no object but if the distance is too great to travel back that same night then accommodation, either in a (reasonable) B&B or with a member of the society, is acceptable IF  I agree to travel the distance.

Talks anywhere in Lincolnshire cost a minimum of 60 (plus 10 travelling expenses if near the edges of the county).

Professional services:
Contact me for a quote.

Listed below are my Powerpoint talks available for 2013/14

Powerpoint talks
An asterisk * denotes the talk is also suitable for a general public talk to a non astronomical group.

ALL TALKS ARE FULLY ILLUSTRATED & LAST APPROXIMATELY 1 HOUR IN LENGTH BUT CAN BE ADJUSTED TO SUIT INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS (within reason!). Please note though that I will not cut a talk down to just 1/2 an hour as this does not do the topics justice! 

General topics


 - A tour of our Solar System.  



- A tour of our Galaxy and what lies beyond....


Images of the Universe Vol 1

                     "               Vol 2

                     "               Vol 3

                     "               Vol 4



Images of the Earth


Images of the Space Shuttle

A personal choice of 10 images that have inspired Paul supplemented with lots of images to explain each choice.

Everyone enjoyed it that much here is a 2nd batch!

and a 3rd selection!

and a final 4th selection!


An offshoot based on the above format where I take a look at the Earth from various places in the Solar System.


My tribute to the Space Shuttle era again based on the 'Images of the' format.


'On Top of the World' - the 2008 North Pole Expedition and Solar Eclipse'

An account of my trip to the North Pole on board the Russian Nuclear Icebreaker IB Yamal with images/video of Polar Bears, Walruses, Arctic Islands and of course reaching the North Pole!


'Paul's Chinese takeaway Eclipse'

An account of the 2009 Total Solar Eclipse trip as one of Omega Holidays Eclipse Astronomers.


Practical topics


Naked eye and Binocular Astronomy

- the delights of the night sky that can be viewed with just the eye and a pair of binoculars.


Rambling through the Spring and Summer Sky
Rambling through the Summer/Autumn sky
Rambling through the Autumn/Winter Sky
Rambling through the Winter Sky

- a basic seasonal tour of the best objects to observe in the night sky




Observing Orion

- a tour through the delights of this great constellation

Touring Taurus

- a tour through the delights of this constellation

Location Leo

- a tour through the delights of this constellation

Seeking Scorpius

- a tour through the delights of this constellation

Simple Astrophotography

- what can be captured of the night sky with just basic equipment


The many Guises of Astrophotography

Takes a look at the many aspects of modern Astrophotography



- Take a lightning tour of all of Charles Messiers' famous objects and hear how it was accomplished in just one night by the first person in the UK to have successfully completed the Marathon


The Sun by Day and Aurora by Night

- A fascinating insight into our nearest Star and one of its most colourful effects on the Earth.


Messenger of the Gods

- a basic overview of the inner planet Mercury


Unveiling the Goddess of Love

- all about the Planet Venus with the main emphasis on the Magellan mission


The Red Planet

- a basic overview of Mars 


Mars - the Next Generation

- covers the most recent and ongoing missions to Mars - includes 3D images.

The Mighty planet Jupiter

- a basic overview of the largest planet in our Solar System.


Stunning Saturn

a basic overview of the Ringed Planet

The Outer Giants 

 - taking a look at the outer planets of Uranus and Neptune


Solar System Moons 

- a single talk version of my original 'Planetary satellites' series of talks 

The Minor Planets 

- a general overview of the Asteroid belt.

Of  Broom stars, Small Moons and Rings 

- looking at the relationship between Comets and the smaller members of the solar system 

Our Nearest Neighbour - the Moon

-a look at our Moon, the basics such as phases, eclipses, what you can see and a bit about the Apollo missions. This talk is based on my presentation to the Lincs Wildlife Trust Starnight.


Cassini - Lord of the Rings

A review of this exciting new mission with ongoing updates to cover new discoveries by Cassini. Includes some great animations!





- An exploration of Stars, Star Clusters, Nebulae, Planetary Nebulae and Globular Clusters that make up our own Galaxy.

GENESIS - the Birth of a Star

 - How does a star begin and what ingredients are required are explored in this talk. 

EXODUS- the lives and deaths of Stars

- as the title states really!

2MASS - A New View of the Universe

- This talk explores the 2 Micron All Sky Survey and shows that it is not just the HST that can make stunning discoveries about the Universe.







This 2 part story follows the Voyager space probes as they explore the giant planets Jupiter & Saturn and then on to Uranus & Neptune.



 These talks cover areas of interest to me, however, if there is a subject that needs to be covered & there appear to be no known (UK) speakers covering it then drop me an E-mail and I will consider it for the future.

Basic Booking form 

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