General Astronomical Links

Patrick Moore's The Sky at Night web page

Space topics covered by the BBC

For a large range of Astronomical links why not visit Bruce Woods Astrospaceweb


Observing from COAA

Visit COAA in Southern Portugal for your Foreign Astro Holiday!

or try FIELDVIEW for a UK based, long or short, break over in Norfolk!

Fieldview B and B / Earth and Sky Books
Orion over Galloway B&B
Like a Scottish break - then try our friends up at Galloway

UK & Ireland Based Astronomical Societies

Use this link to go to the many Astronomical Societies & Clubs that can be found throughout the UK:
FAS Society list

    BNSC's UK Space Index - Probably the most comprehensive listing of all UK Astro/Space activities.

Liverpool AS are one of the oldest Astronomical Societies so why not take a look.
North West Group of Astronomical Societies

South Wales Association of Astronomical Societies

The Scottish Astronomers Group

N. Ireland
Irish Astronomical Association

Irish Federation of Astronomical Societies
Astronomy Ireland
Shannonside Astronomy Club

The Whirlpool Star Party


    Current Satellite Elements - for those who use Satellite prediction programs use the following site & follow the links for a range of elements : DaveRansom Software Home Pages - Look for the excellant STSPLUS satellite tracking prog!
Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page is a great resource for observing satellites as well as the  Iridium Flares  The Iridium Satellites can suddenly brighten to -6 mag ! Take a look here whilst they are still in orbit.
Heavens Above provides a customisable satellite prediction service well worth visiting as well as NASA's Skywatch site,.plus the Marshall Space Flight Center 'Liftoff' site, so have fun!


UK Weather Forecast - will we be able to observe tonight...

BBC Weather
ITV Weather

World Meteorlogical Organisation

Books and Software for Astronomy & Space

    Earth & Sky Books now based at Fieldview in Norfolk.
Aurora Books - York
    Graystel - One of Paul's favourite Astro Software
Maris Multimedia's Redshift
  John Walker's Fourmilab site including his excellant 'Home Planet' software.

Astro Information resources on the Web

The Astronomical Unit by Stephen Tonkin

Take a look at this excellent site dealing with the UK's early Rocketry
The Project Apollo Archive - a superb rescource for this ground breaking achievement
Astronomylinks galore can be found at this site
Carl Koppeschaar's ASTRONET
The Periodic table - on the Web
 ABC's Science articles
The WHYFILES - info on Astronomical topics
    Dave Johnson's astro homepages including his online mag.
Atmospheric Optics - a fantastic site for those interested in Sun and Moon haloes and rainbows amongst many other spectacular natural sights!

Places of Astronomical / Space Interest
Leicesters Space Science Centre
      The Astronomy Centre located near Todmorden.

Practical aspects of Astronomy
Bradford Robotic Telescope Project - very interesting site
QuickCam Astronomy - Dr. Stephen Wainwrights excellant site.

Other sites for you to browse:
   National Space Society   Promoting Space Exploration & its benefits.
Paleogeographic Atlas Project Home Page  - take a look at this interesting site.
Manchester AS - The Bevis CD - a unique discovery - take a look here.

If you have a web site you wish me to list here then do please drop me an email with the details.

Expect further updates & links to be organised soon so do keep visiting the web site!

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