The Butterflies of our garden & bank at Horncastle

  Note that 1st visits for the year are marked in red.

Where noted the sex of the butterfly is mentioned as some species can be quite different between Male and Female and whichever is spotted second is highlighted with green.

The table below is a record of the number of different Butterflies we have seen for each month of the year so follow the table to check on our progress through the year. The Cumulative number records the total number of different UK Butterflies seen at home through the year.

The 2014 season










Number seen per Month


















2014.jpgMarch 9th turned warm and sunny for us and during the latter half of the morning we had our first Butterflies of the season and what a start! Male Brimstone (two of them), Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell and a Female Small White. March is really doing us proud with the arrival of the male Green Veined White on the 28th making 6 butterflies for the month and a record for March since we began to take notes. So far for April we’ve had the Peacock, the Male Brimstone, Male Green Veined White and on Sunday 13th we had the first return of the year of the Male Orange Tip.  April 27th saw two new returns for us: male Large White and a male Holly Blue bringing us up to 9 returns for the year.

May and June have been relatively poor both with the weather and sightings. May had no new returns with a surprising absence of the Speckled Wood. We did get two new returns for June on the 18th with a male Meadow Brown and a male Large Skipper but overall even in the sunny days we’ve hardly seen anything :-(

20th and 22nd of June saw a Small Tortoiseshell and a Comma reappear.  Nice surprise for the last day of June when the afternoon turned nice and sunny and we had the Meadow Brown turn up quickly followed by a Red Admiral - first of the year for us, then a Large White, then Small White followed by the first return for 2014 of the Ringlet. I (Paul) also spotted a quick flyby of a small brownish butterfly dash through the garden but didn’t stop - first impression were of a female Common Blue but as it wasn’t confirmed then it will remain doubtful for now.

Kicked off July reasonably well as July 1st gave us the MB, R, RA, LS, LW and a ST turn up! By Monday July 7th we’d also had a male Green Veined White and a Small White come back and, although it was quick, Paul spotted a Painted Lady fly past him so close it was enough to identify so we’ve now had 14 species return for the year so far. Half way into July and with a number of sunny days we’ve had a steady stream of Butterflies including fresh Comma’s and the first return of the Essex Skipper. July 17th saw the first return of a Gatekeeper (male) whilst we could confirm a female Comma and realised it was a male Comma we saw the previous day. Saturday July 19th was quite thundery at first but brightened up later and just before teatime we had Red Admirals, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells, Comma’s, Large & Small White, GVW, Gatekeeper then to cap it all a first return for the year of a White Admiral! Sunday July 20th and amongst quite a few species we had a Small Skipper. July 24th and Paul gets a good view of a male Common Blue being chased by a small brown butterfly which could be the female CB so it’s definitely back along with a second return for the year of the male Brimstone. July 25th and nice to see the Painted Lady back for a second time this year. Into August and we’ve not had as many different species compared with some years but have at least had a male Speckled Wood arrive on August 17th. We also had females returns of  Gatekeeper on the 3rd and Meadow Brown on 6th.

September saw just nine species in the garden with no new returns and October was the last time we saw a butterfly (Peacock) and it was on the Oct 22nd . So for the year we had 20 species visit our back garden and bund.

No return for 2014:

Small Copper,    Brown Argus,   Wall.  

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