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Nightscenes 2015 & Guide to Simple Astrophotography   OFFER

Nightscenes 2015 is the latest edition of Paul L Money’s popular yearbook.

Written by an Astronomer for everyone interested in knowing what’s up in the night sky, Nightscenes 2015 continues the successful series of year books designed to provide a colourful guide to the main events to look out for from the UK and Ireland for 2015. With full colour charts for each month and charts/diagrams highlighting special events Nightscenes now boasts 48 pages compared with the 2013 and earlier editions with only 44 and now has laminated covers and a spine yet still remains excellent value at just £6.00!


Nightscenes Guide to Simple Astrophotography: A5 format 56 pages inc covers in full colour with over 130 images plus tables of data and informative charts.

Many astrophotography books have a single chapter on what can be done with just a camera on a tripod when aimed at the stars. However there are a huge range of subjects that can actually be tackled without requiring a telescope and complicated tracking mounts.

Nightscenes: Guide to Simple Astrophotography aims to bridge the gap and show that you can take photo's of constellations, aurora, planetary motions, the phases of the moon and much more in an easy to understand guide.

Special order price is £10.00 plus £1.50 P&P for both books bought together

Please note that the Nightscenes year book is not for sale outside the UK and Ireland as it is specifically set for that region of the world.

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