Omega Holiday’s Northern Lights Flights

Since 1997 Omega Holidays, based at White Cross, Lancaster, have flown specialized flights for budding Astronomers, Stargazers and keen members of the general public. In 1997 the bright naked eye Comet Hale-Bopp was visible for several months above our night time skies and along with the renowned UK TV Astronomer Patrick Moore, flights were organized to view the Comet from above the clouds using commercial aircraft. Whilst people on the ground had to wait for a clear night, the flights got above the obscuring effects of  the weather to give many people unforgettable and clear views of Hale-Bopp.

Naturally once the Comet was gone it was realized that great views could be had of the other wonders of the night time natural world, the Aurora Borealis - the Northern Lights and the stars of the night sky.

The flights operate from a wide range of UK airports so there is a good chance there may be a flight operating from near you! From Dec 2004 until March 2013 I participated as one of the team members but have stepped down due to a variety of reasons.

For further details and how to book, contact Omega Holidays:

Omega Holidays, White Cross Lancaster LA1 4XQ

Telephone: 01524 37500 or for local rate calls 0845 330 1942


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Pete Lawrence has a selection of flight photographs and often shows upcoming flight details so do check out his site at:

Pete Lawrence’s web site for the flights:

Aurora Flights

Pete’s Astronomical Web site:

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