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Of Solar and Lunar Eclipses 2019

If you wish to travel to see the Total Solar Eclipse and Annular Solar Eclipse check out this impressive website: http://www.mreclipse.com for details on lunar and solar eclipses.

During 2019 there are two Total Lunar Eclipses, a Total Solar Eclipse, a partial Lunar Eclipse, a partial Solar Eclipse and an Annular Solar Eclipse. Of these only two are viewable from the UK/Ireland on January 21st and July 16th/17th.

January 21st eclipse

Unlike last years Lunar Eclipse (apart from most places being clouded out!!) we get to see all of the Total Lunar Eclipse on January 21st, that’s if you really like late nights!

Penumbral stage begins (1) at 02:35 GMT but for most casual observers the penumbral phase is only a slight dimming of the Lunar disk. Things get interesting at (2) at 03:36 GMT as the Moons disk begins to enter the dark Umbra of the Earths shadow. The moon will appear to go through it’s phases almost in reverse as it moves deeper into the Umbral shadow until at (3)  04:40 GMT it enters totality.

Mid eclipse occurs at (4) at 05:12 GMT and umbral totality ends at (5) 05:43 GMT when the moon begins to exit the umbral shadow and enters the penumbral shadow again. Penumbral phase ends (6) 06:51 GMT and the moon departs the penumbral shadow at (7) 07:49 GMT. For most places the Moon will be setting not long after the eclipse ends and the sky will be almost daylight. Note the moon is also at Perigee later in the day so the media will likely call this a Supermoon Eclipse and are even now also calling it a super blood red moon - whatever next!