The Astrospace Astro Gallery

Welcome to the Astrospace gallery of astronomical images that I (Paul) have taken over the years with a wide variety of equipment.

The following are images that I have taken since I became interested in Astrophotography (about 1982!).

My main interest has always been in what can be achieved using just the simplest of tools - camera, tripod, cable release and up until the last few years, positive film(!). Since then I have also delved into some guided astrophotography, both piggy back and through the telescope and more recently using CCD's, Astro Webcams and  now use Digital SLR's.

New for the gallery is a page dedicated to the best of my images starting with last year, 2013.

Use the category buttons above to display the various categories or sub categories to show the images available.

 All images are copyright Paul Money/Astrospace unless otherwise noted.

I hope you enjoy looking at them and perhaps may think to have a go yourselves.


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