Astronomy & Astrophysics:

Observatories & Institutions

    A.A.O. Home Page - the UK site of the Anglo Australian Observatory.
    Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory.

    ING - The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes - also mirrored here
    Institute of Astronomy - Cambridge, UK
    PPARC - (UK's Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council)
    ESO On-Line Information System    - a useful link to the European Southern Observatory.

    Russian Academy of Sciences - Institute of Astronomy
    SETI Institute - the Search for Extraterrestrial intelligence.

Orbiting Observatories

    The HUBBLE SPACE TELESCOPE - Latest images
    NASA's The Next Generation Space Telescope can be found here.
    Chandra X-ray Observatory - NASA -  in orbit & looking good!

    Infrared Space Observatory Home Page - ESA
    XMM Satellite - Home page - ESA

    HALCA (MUSES - B) - Japans VLBI Space Observatory Programme.
    ASTRO - D (ASCA) - Japans fourth X- Ray Satellite.
    GALEX - NASA's Galaxy Evolution Explorer - exploring the Ultraviolet Universe
    WMAP - NASA's Wilkinson Microwave Anistrophy Probe
    RXTE - Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer Mission
    FUSE - NASA's Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer
    SWAS - The Submillimeter Wave Astronomy Satellite
SIRTF - NASA's Sapce InfraRed Telescope Facility

Proposed missions:
    XEUS - ESA's proposed follow on to XMM
    GAIA - ESA's Global Astrometry Mission
    Herschel Space Observatory' - ESA's Far InfraRed and Submillimetre Telescope
    PLANCK - ESA's Cosmic Background Radiation mission
    ASTRO - E - Japans follow on X-Ray Mission.
    ASTRO - F (ISIS) - Japans Infrared mission for the next century.

Sky Survey's & Deep Space

IPAC- NASA's Infrared Astronomy program.
2MASS- the 2 Micron All Sky Survey - as Spock would say - 'Fascinating'
NGC objects interest you? Take a look at this link.
World renowned Astrophotographer Jack Newton's web site.

Planetary Astronomy

The Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers - lots for the serious Planet watcher.
IAU: Minor Planet Center - info on newly discovered Minor Planets from the  place that knows!

SpaceGuard UK - watching the skies for that Asteroid that may be lurking unseen...
Cometography by Gary Kronk 
Meteorshowers-online    - Gary Kronk's excellant pages.

Images of the Planets - Damian Peach's excellant CCD images of the Planets.

Asteroid Occultations

EAON - European Asteroid Occultation Network
Asteroidal Occultations for Europe, North Africa and Middle East
BAA Occultations pages for the UK
PLANOCCULT (EAON) - Pierre Vingerhoets and Jan Van Gestel site
Steve Preston's pages at
IOTA   - the International Occultation Timing Association

ATM sites

        Jim Cornmell's excellant web site: NGC891

Extrasolar Planetary Astronomy

NASA's Planetquest web site
 San Francisco State University Planet Search Project   -  info on planets around other stars.
    The Geneva Extrasolar Planet Search Programmes.
NASA's Kepler mission to discover Earth sized planets beyond the Solar System



Total Eclipse!

Here's a selection of eclipse pages for you to wander through & enjoy!'s Eclipse pages
NASA's page
Sky & Telescope's guide to Eclipse's
The UK Eclipse Group
Fred Espenak's great Eclipse Home Page

Expect further updates & links to be organised soon so do keep coming back!

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