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Talks suitable for a general audience


What it covers

Wonders of our Solar System

Take a tour of the major and minor bodies of our solar system and our nearest star, the Sun.

Wonders of our Universe

Take a tour of what lies beyond our solar system in our Milky Way Galaxy and to the far reaches of our Universe

Triumphs of Voyager

Pt 1:Journey to Jupiter/Splendours of Saturn

2017 was the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager space probes to the outer solar system. 2021 will be the 42nd anniversary of their flyby of Jupiter.

These two talks takes a look at the remarkable mission and the many discoveries the Voyagers made and continue to make.

Triumphs of Voyager

Pt 2:Where no probe has gone before…

The Vikings at Barsoom Pt1: Orbital Operations

The Viking Missions are always remembered for the search for life but in this first part we take a look at early flybys, Mariner 9 and in particular the amazing images that the two Viking Orbiters obtained during their mission whilst in support of the Landers.

The Vikings at Barsoom Pt2: The Search for Life

The Viking Missions are always remembered for the search for life and in this talk we look at the two Viking Landers as they surveyed their surroundings and tried to answer the question: Is there life on Mars?

Guide to Simple Astrophotography

 This talk covers what can be achieved with just a camera, tripod and a timer with today's DSLR’s

Why are there no Green Stars?

This talk explores how we see and perceive colour and why when we view the stars, there appear to be no green stars out there!

Images of the Universe

Volumes 1 to 6

A series of talks that look at some of the spectacular images taken of the universe via ground/space and spacecraft.

Note: Must be taken in order!

Through the StarGate

Imaging the night sky with an Alt Az GoTo Dobsonian telescope

Explains the problems of imaging deep sky targets with an alt az telescope and showcases the many deep sky objects that have been imaged with the StarGate 500 Dobsonian.

More talks are being adapted from my old back catalogue of lectures and when ready will be added here.


Over 39 years giving talks to Astronomical Societies!

  These talks are available to any group within Lincolnshire, the UK and Ireland depending upon distance/travelling conditions etc. Societies and clubs are particularly encouraged to book for an interesting exploration of our Universe in all its splendour. 

  If you wish to book me regarding a booking then do so using the contact page above.

Covid-19 update for April 28th 2021

Currently all talks available are now done via Zoom, MS Teams or Webex depending upon what the booking society uses.

Until further notice, Paul will not be travelling anywhere as Lorraine is vulnerable and we will make a decision on travelling to give talks once we have had the 2nd vaccination and we can see how the UK is doing, probably by late June.

Astronomical and Non Astro Societies (Photo and camera clubs/societies,

other Clubs, Groups, WI's, Scouts/Guides etc).

Zoom/online talks all cost £50 per talk

If travel to a society recommences then a rate of 45p per mile + £50 per talk will be the official rate.

ALL TALKS ARE FULLY ILLUSTRATED & LAST APPROXIMATELY 1 HOUR IN LENGTH BUT CAN BE ADJUSTED TO SUIT INDIVIDUAL REQUIREMENTS (within reason!). Please note however that I will not cut a talk down to just 1/2 an hour as this does not do the topics justice! 

NOTE: Recording of the talks during a session is not permitted unless agreed in advance.

Listed here are my current talks for online presentation: